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Every item comes with a 30 day limited warranty covering workmanship and materials. Repairs or replacements will be made for free within this period.


Please note that the warranty will be null and void if:


  • the item has been abused or used improperly

  • the item has been altered in any way

  • the item is soiled or has a smell, and has not been cleaned prior to return the customer has not cooperated with efforts to collect shipping   insurance on an item that has arrived damaged (see below).

Custom-made costumes, as a standard, are not made for especially high-demand applications, LARP combat, roughhousing, or use on rough terrain.

If you require a costume that can withstand above average wear, please let us know so that we can quote and construct appropriately.


  • We DO NOT offer refunds, returns, or exchanges once a commission is completed and mailed off. 



Fursuit Turn Around Time 

  • Fursuits will be completed in the order they were received (all items are first paid, first served) 

  • I DO NOT offer deadlines ; NO EXECPTIONS  ​

  • If you would like your order to be completed for a certain convention, a rush fee will be placed 

                - 1 month: 60% rate 

                - 2 month: 50% rate

                - 3 month: 40% rate

                - 4 month: 30% rate

                - 5 month: 25% rate


In order to secure your rush order, the standard 35% deposit plus the rush fee must be paid


** rate will added to fursuit balance **

For example:  $3,000 (fullsuit) + .60% (1 month rush fee) = $4,800



Work in Progress Photos

  •  We will post pictures of finished hands, tails, bodysuits, and feet normally on my furaffinity account or on twitter, unless, we need to get feedback from the commissioner.


  •  We will send work in progress pictures of the head from start to finish to make sure the commissioner is happy with the expression, eyes, etc before we start to fur the head.


  • If you are concerned about the types of furs we will use, we can send you photos/links of them before we begin work.


Package Insurance/Damaged Shipments Fursuit 

Packages are insured for up to the full value.


If your package arrives damaged: First, do not unpack the box. Contact us immediately. We will contact the shipping company, who will send an agent to collect the damaged package and take it to an inspection center. The damage will be assessed, and the package will be returned to us so that we can repair the item, or otherwise deal with it.


There is no other way to claim the insurance, so please be prepared to undergo this procedure if your package arrives damaged. Failure to cooperate will void the warranty.


Please note that the procedure may be different for overseas deliveries, but we ask that you still contact us immediately at the first sign of damage, before unpacking the box.



Once a project is started, changes may not be made to the design.


We reserve the right to cancel any commission at any stage of the process if the commissioner is rude, threatening, or otherwise unreasonable. Unless we agree to them, no changes can be made to a commission once we have purchased the supplies.


The customer may cancel the project at any time. The balance (minus the down payment) can be refunded, or the full amount paid can be credited toward another project. We reserve the right to complete the cancelled project any way we choose and sell it at auction.


If you do not pay your monthly fees in accordance to our payment plan that is agreed to upon project acceptance and cannot keep good e-mail contact, we reserve the right to cancel your commission and refund you only what you have paid towards it, the deposit non-refundable.  If for any reason something comes up that keeps you from being able to pay, simply e-mail us and explain the situation. Failure to do so will result in us assuming you just don’t want to pay, and your commission will be cancelled.


There are cases  where we may refuse a project. This could be due to time constraints, or the actual subject matter. As with many other commissioners, there are certain lines that we will not or can not cross. If we refuse a commission/project, the customer will be notified (with reason included).


 Refund Policy

0% complete - 65% refund

25% complete - 45% refund

50% complete - 20% refund

75% complete - no refund

100% complete - no refund


Upon commissioning us, if you are having financial issues or are not happy with how the suit is coming out, you are entitled to be refunded ONLY if the suit is under 50% completed. The above explains how much you may be refunded depending on how much of the suit has been completed. This does not include the 35% nonrefundable downpay which we use to buy materials. Please be sure that you are financially ready to commission us.


Style and Limitations

We will not reproduce copyrighted characters, costumes, or designs without prior written consent of the company or individual who owns the character or design.


You must describe, in writing, important features of your concept art. Any features not described may be overlooked, and we are not to be held accountable for such.


Some designs may be physically impossible to reproduce. If this is the case, we will suggest the closest physically possible alternative.

We will not copy your concept art perfectly. All designs will be translated into our style.


Also, certain features of concept art may not be possible to reproduce as drawn due to human proportion, human flaw, limitations of materials, and limitations of physics. Significant alterations will be discussed with you before the costume is made.



All our items are shipped through USPS , UPS or Fedex with package tracking (US customers). Insurance is not included, but can be added at the commissioner's expense if he/she so chooses.  We do accept international shipping, however to have tracking for your package you need to pay for express shipping, which generally costs quite a bit more. Shipping prices are determined on a case by case bases as an additional fee to the agreed final suit costs and will depend on box size and weight, so must be determined at the very end. Your item will not be shipped until the entire project cost has been paid in full, including shipping.


Furitup is not responsible for any stolen or lost package in transit once it leaves our studio. 


Once you have received your package from Fur It Up, we are NOT responsible for any shipping cost on returned items. Customer is responsible for ALL shipping cost. 



International Fees

Most international orders will incur CUSTOMS fees. We cannot be held responsible for these fees, nor are we able to determine what they will be, as they will depend on your country’s customs office. The customs fees must be paid by you upon entry of the package into your country. If you have questions about customs, please contact your local customs office.


Please click on document when signing your name

COMMISSION STATUS: Opening September 2022

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