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Digitigrade fullsuits have padded legs that gives the illusion of an animal standing on its hind legs.

Padding is soft polyfil pillows that are removable for easy washing. 


Comes with a head, 4-finger handpaws,tail with belt loop, feetpaws, and bodysuit.

Starting at $7,000usd

Starting at $6,000usd

Plantigrade suits have straight fitting legs making it easier to move around in. 


Comes with a head, bodysuit, 4-finger handpaws, tail with belt loop, and feetpaws. 

Partial suit is everything minus the bodysuit.


COmes with a head, 4-finger handpaws, tail with belt loop, and feetpaws. 


*Armsleeves can be added at addition cost

**A bodysuit can be added later in the future, however, there is no guarentee that fur colors will match later on.  

Starting at $4,500usd

Starting at $3,000usd

Already have a bodysuit or just looking to update an existing fursuit head???


you're in Luck as we offer head only commissions. Fursuit heads are built on a foam base fully lined, static jaw, and your choice of 3D or 2D toony eyes. 



COMMISSION STATUS: Opening September 2022

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