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Want a suit from Furitup? Here is what you need to know…


It is very easy to order a suit from Furitup. There are just a few things you should know before getting a spot on the commission list.

If you want a suit, you need to fill out an order/quote form and provide 3 views of your concept art. Concept art helps figure out what sort of suit you want and if the markings can be done. The better the concept art the easier it will be to provide an accurate quote for you.


A duct tape dummy is required for fullsuit commissions. 


Once Furitup has accepted your concept art and you received your quote, 35% deposit (non refundable) of the final price will need to be provided within 30 days in order to secure your spot on the list. If Fur It Up does not receive the 35% of the down payment within 30 days your quote will expire and your commission will not be valid. If you want another quote or a commission spot you will have to re-enter your concept art and receive a new quote.  Payment can be received in 3 different ways: Paypal, Check or Money Order. All prices are in USD. You also have the option to do monthly payments ONLY on Fursuits, Partials, Heads and Body suits.

If you need to mail a check or money order,  contact/email Fur It Up for details

Check and Money Orders need to be made out to: Kathryn Villabrille


Once your 35% payment has been received your spot will be saved and production of your suit will begin. Suits are compeleted in the order they are received. If you would like to receive the suit quicker you can pay a RUSH fee.


You must be 18 yrs of age or older to order


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at:

COMMISSION STATUS: Opening September 2022

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